Value behind the workshops

The workshops are concentrated on identifying and addressing user’s needs and pain points. It enhances user-centric approach to solve the problems.

What do we offer

Our workshops

UX workshop

During this session we explore problems & opportunities of existing or future users of your digital product, creating set of hyphothesis to test and design the solutions to run experiments.

Design thinking workshop

During this session, we focus on deep analysis of your users and their needs. The goal is to generate innovative ideas and solutions to real-world problems.

User journey workshop

During this session we map the journey of your users, looking for the sweet spots and pain points where we could still support them for the sake of better conversion rate.

Value delivery workshop

During this session, we focus on value you are about to deliver. It may be about your packages composition, new features, new pricing strategy and go to market plan.


What are the steps

Step 1

Intro sync

Let’s meet and talk about your challenges. After heads up from you, we will be able to propose the most effective format to reach your objectives.

Step 2


In this phase we explore the topic end to end looking for hypothesis, which will be explored during the workshop. We also prepare the right tools to do it.

Step 3


Let’s gather all stakeholders and kick-off! We can run workshop online, or we can visit your office. Knowing your  objectives, we will help gathering the right people around.

Step 4


After all, you will get the summary with our analysis of hypothesis and possible solutions. We can talk about next steps together, or we can supportu you in your own execution phase.

Nethero introduces

Initiative Canvas

As a leadership team, you were probably asking yourself a question: „Which business initiatives we should start now, and how to select the right ones out of all our ideas” We heard this doubt many times and we created Initiative Canvas – tool which can help you to pick the right candidates.


Our recent projects


OLX Group

We worked together with OTOMOTO team to move their standalone content platform to the next level. The project contained complete redesign + fixing the pain points in users journey.


Costa Coffee

We joint the cooperation to provide the Costa Coffee lovers in UAE, the mobile product to gather and manage their loyalty points, whenever they go for a coffee to any point, and thus trigger their willingness to join the Costa Loyalty Program.


NYC Bike Rental

We worked together with NYC bike rental unit to fix the users pain points and make the bike rental service much more accessible in digital.

Ready for your project?

Let us present more projects during the intro call!

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How we can solve your problems?

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    Frequently asked questions

    What kind of workshop should I pick?

    Don't think about it now. Think more about the problems you would like to solve or opportunities to follow. We will help you in picking the right format. Let's talk!

    How long does the workshop take?

    Best approach is to book at least one full working day. However it all depends on complexity of the topic.

    Why do I need the workshop?

    Thanx to the workshop format, you we can easily go together through challenges and opportunities you see and explore the right solutions.

    How do I know what are my problems to solve on UX workshop?

    We will help you in finding them, however think about: low sales? Low conversion rate? Low user engagement? It is not a problem, it's an effect of a problem which we need to explore together