UX/UI design


We create products that are effective and efficient, meaning they help users achieve their goals in the easiest and most enjoyable way possible.


We design the clean and engaging user interface which helps users to easily navigate the product and complete tasks with minimal friction or confusion.

We solve experience asymmetry

During the design phase, we bring learings and expierience from big players to smaller players

UX/UI design

How the process looks like?

Step 1

Exploration phase

In this phase we learn. We want to capture the whole picture and size the problem and oppportunities to follow. We work closely with you, with your users and with data.

Step 2


Now it’s the right moment to sketch the solutions for the problems identified in the previous phase. The outcome of this phase are lo-fi wireframes.

Step 3

Design phase

In this phase we work on the design. We start with the look & feel proposal, which is followed by design system creation and design buddy review.

Step 4

Dev ready

When design phase is over. You are ready for development. We offer full support during development process. You will not be left with just the design file 🙂 

Nethero introduces

Spectre Design System

With years of iterations we built our own design system, validated in many sucesssful digital products, which we use as a base to create design system for your product


Our recent projects


OLX Group

We worked together with OTOMOTO team to move their standalone content platform to the next level. The project contained complete redesign + fixing the pain points in users journey.


Costa Coffee

We joint the cooperation to provide the Costa Coffee lovers in UAE, the mobile product to gather and manage their loyalty points, whenever they go for a coffee to any point, and thus trigger their willingness to join the Costa Loyalty Program.


NYC Bike Rental

We worked together with NYC bike rental unit to fix the users pain points and make the bike rental service much more accessible in digital.

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    Alex Szenk

    CEO Nethero
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    Frequently asked questions

    How does the whole UX/UI process look like?

    The whole UX/UI process is about finding the right problems / opportunities, creating the right hyppothesis  and proposing a solutions which will solve or validate the hypothesis. In a nutshell first step is to learn as much as possible about the project, users, business objectives. The second step is to sketch the solutions for the problems we found. The third step is to prepare the final design with the hi-fi look&feel.

    How long does the whole process takes?

    The answer is obvious - it depends. Depends on complexity of the problem, amount of the features in product and the elements we take under consideration in whole process. Small projects with lo-fi + hi-fi should fit in around 90 - 150h.

    Why does it make sense to split design process with development process?

    It can just be healthy for your business & product to engage the right people at each stage. First of all, UX/UI agency does all pre-development work. After having it completed, it's than much easier to estimate the potential cost of development.

    Why do I need wireframes and design separatley? Can't we do design only?

    Sure we can! However wireframes are quick ideation sketches, which help to validate faster certain ideas and solutions. We cannot consider it as double work, cause wireframes are base for final designs. Also wireframes allow stakeholders to focus on the core of the problem & solution, not on the things like "this button could be blue" 🙂 

    Why we created our own design system?

    After +10 years of experience, we know exactly which UI elements work best both from development perspective and from user's conversion perspective. But please remember it's just a base, which is being adjusted to the look & feel of your product.